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Roof Cleaning


Unsightly Roof Stains Can be Removed Safely and Inexpensively


All over New Jersey, the appearance of black streaks on roofs is becoming more and more evident. Dark streaking and staining make a perfectly good roof appear to be in need of replacement as well as unattractive. There is a safe and inexpensive solution to homeowners who are frustrated by this problem.

The most common cause of these unsightly stains on asphalt roofs is a blue-green algae called Gloeocapsa Magma. Over the past 25 years this strain of algae has become hardier. It has now become a common sight on asphalt roofs across 80% of the United States. The unsightly growth usually occurs on the north or west side as well as shaded areas of the roof. As the algae grows and decomposes, it holds moisture, which accelerates its growth.

Contributing to this problem is the change that occurred about 30 years ago in the way asphalt shingles were manufactured. In the early 70's roofing manufacturers began using a fiberglass mat. With the fiberglass mat, and higher oil prices, came the use of finely crushed limestone. It was added to theasphalt coating as a filler or extender. Unfortunately, limestone is a favorite food source for this strain of algae. Often, these black or dark brown stains are mistakenly thought to be dirt, tree droppings, mold, fungus or mildew. Actually, they are caused when the algae begins to decompose.

Although most homeowners are concerned about aesthetics or curb appeal, the algae is actually eating away at the limestone filler in the asphalt which in time will loosen up and the granules will begin to fall away much faster than they should, taking away years of the expected life of the roof. The dark growth also draws in more heat, which will also shorten the life of the shingle. Curb appeal is a big consideration to anyone who may be looking to sell their home. A potential buyer may truly believe they will need to replace that roof for thousands of dollars, when in reality it could be taken care of for a small fraction of that.

Roof Cleaning Pro’s of Clark, NJ has developed a safe, inexpensive system of removing roof stains caused by algae.  In only a few hours, an unsightly roof can be restored to it’s natural state.  Roof shingle manufacturers do not recommend powerwashing a roof as it damages the granules of the shingle.   The system used by Roof Cleaning Pro’s in the only system recommended by manufacturers such as GAF.  The results we have seen have been stunning. The before and after pictures say it all.

For more information and to view the before and after photos go to:
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