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Now is the time to evaluate the performance of your existing wall and attic insulation.


With the Green Revolution upon us, there is a lot more emphasis on sealing and insulating homes across America and for good reason. Fuel will always be a commodity that we as homeowners have very little control over. The cost of fuel is driven up or down by many different factors. I think we all know which direction it will head in the near future. We cannot control the cost of the fuel it takes to keep our homes comfortable, but we can control the amount of fuel we need by upgrading the building shell of our homes.

We retrofit homes with injected foam all the time whether the siding is being replaced or not, but the project can be done for close to 40% less when you are planning a new siding job. We save the labor of manipulating your existing siding knowing new siding is in your plans. Most homes in this area are way under-insulated, especially the exterior wall cavities. It is common to find little or no insulation in the walls of homes over 30 years old.

Another big mistake is not addressing or at least evaluating your attic ventilation. If you are pricing a new roof and your contractor has not discussed ventilation with you, research it yourself and make sure you are getting what you need. It is also a good time to look into attic air sealing and insulation. Excessive ice dams and icicle problems are a good indicator of heat loss to the attic and or air sealing problems.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of your home in conjuntion with other remodeling projects. You will save energy and be more comfortable for years to come.  

The best part is your energy upgrades may be eligible for up to $4,000 in cash rebates through The NJ Home Performance With Energy Star Program. For more information on a Home Energy Audit and a complete understanding of the NJ Clean Energy program,

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I'm satisfied that you simply

I'm satisfied that you simply shared this useful information with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.


We accept the work of operating your existing siding meaningful new siding is in your strategies. Most families in this part are way under-insulated.

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