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Gutters and Leader | Gutter Protection


At Precision General Construction, we hand fabricate our own aluminum gutters and covers to custom fit your home or place of business. Unlike screens or other filter devices that easily clog, our Heavy Gauge Gutter Covers work on the principle of surface tension.

Rain will follow the curved edge of the Gutter Cover and flow into the gutter while keeping leaves and other debris out! Our "Patented" design will keep your gutter system free flowing all year long. 

By custom fabricating our own gutter covers with the stongest "O-32" grade aluminum avaiable, we bend each piece to flow with the natural pitch of you roof. This creates the optimal ammount of surface tension in assising the water into your gutter while keeping leaves and other debris OUT!

After 30+ years in the business, we have learned that different covers appeal to different customers. Which is why we carry all major manufacturers and models to best service you and your home.


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